Author Steven Rea will give his first East Coast presentation about the book Wednesday March 7th from 6-8pm at Adeline Adeline.

Please rsvp to –

Hollywood Rides a Bike shows classic stars from Shirley Temple to Brigitte Bardot and Humphrey Bogart to Kevin Bacon all on the best bikes Hollywood has to offer.
Hollywood Rides a Bike includes candid backlot shots, taken by publicity lensers who happened across stars as they wheeled around the Burbank, Culver City, Universal City, and Hollywood lots; the production stills from movies where the actor, in character, rides a bike (Jane Fonda made her screen debut crashing a Rollfast into two of her co-stars; Julie Andrews and her towheaded charges were singing “Do-Re-Mi” as they took to the alpine blacktop); the staged studio portraits—alot of cheesecake (Deborah Kerr and Veronica Lake and Rita Hayworth, oh my!) and beefcake; and then just real-life photos of the likes of Kim Novak, Cicely Tyson, and Julie Christieriding along on palisades paths, Central Park byways, and English country lanes.

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  1. The Bike shop musical begins today at the theater for a new city in the east village. bobby, a woman fixes bikes on stage and sings accompanied by a bicycle band. bring your bike and it becomes part of the set. curbsidedon

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