Until April 30, 2012 You can enter Momentum Magazine’s Spring Style Contest to win a free Nona Varnado Classic Denim Hipster lined with adorable nautical stripes.

It’s pretty, but what is a hipster? (yuk, yuk.) No, not that kind.
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Hipsters are the modern american version of an ancient garment that goes back to the Japanese samurai who wore something called Haramaki. Haramaki are still around in snuggly knit fabrics and they even evolved in other places (like Europe) into kidney warmers, frequently in neoprene and worn by men. It wasn’t until relatively recently that it became a unisex or women’s garment, generally repurposed for pregnant women as a ‘belly warmer.’ When jeans started on the ultra-ultra low cut trend there was a huge new population of exposed muffin top and the bums of forward leaning cyclists and Nona thought an updated haramaki was a good idea.

The design that resulted was in between the classic “smaller than a skirt” tube design and something new. With stiff fabric, like denim, the shape could be made to compliment and define the figure, rather than just cover it. A small inner pocket was added and a longer rounded back (similar to cycling jackets) developed.

Practically it covers your middle parts when riding. In cold weather, it makes you warmer almost magically – even if you’re already wearing a jacket and pants. Mysterious! Well, not exactly. The japanese have all kinds of science about the benefits of keeping the core warm. And with a tiny extra pocket you might not need to lug a bag around, or stash your illegal substances in less refined places. Something for everyone.

In a world where comfort on a bike and fashion rarely co-exist for women who aren’t already runway models, the classic hipster is a figure flattering garment that’s great from size 4 – size 14. Love ’em.

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2 Responses to Spring Style Contest: Win a free Classic Hipster

  1. Carly says:

    am i the only one perplexed by the lack of a link to the contest?

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