With NYC under a giant rain cloud for most of the week, we’re thinking of sunnier days and Jessica Vredenburg is exactly the sunshine you’ve been looking for. Here’s an inspirational DIY story from (where else?) Portland!

The 3rd annual Ginger Ride.

Portland, Oregon 6/11/11



Year 1 found us with only 6 redheads. There was so much buzz about our small ride that we decided to really make something of it for 2010.

Business cards, a Facebook page and a few write-ups in one of the indie-papers here — and SHABAM! 140 +/- attendees. We went to Portland’s famed Voodoo Donuts to retrieve a redhead voodoo doll, we played red rover (reals vs. fakes!) and we united together like our dying breed need do!

This year we’re at it again. And, we’re hoping to escalate the numbers even more! Also, I’m trying my darnedest to get a ginger CELEB to come to our ride. Any connections you have to Conan? YES, PLEASE! Spread the word to your NYC crowd — invite them to the ride — have them get in touch if they have a famed-ginger that could join! Dyed red hair? Come along! Red wig? Let’s do it! REAL DEAL? SHAMON!

A flamed-head celebrity or not, the gingers of Portland, Oregon shall take over the streets in mid-June, letting our red locks flow with pride. Dyed-heads — those clad in orange-yarn — all can ride along. It’s about support. It’s about unity. It’s about a color.

Ginger pride – come saddle up and ride!

June 11, 2011

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