On September 19, 2011 · International Talk like a Pirate Day

Last “Ye Landlubber!” week th’ winner o’ who will g’t th’ contract fer th’ NYC bike shar’n program went t’ Portland based Alta Bike Shar’n program. They’ve already set aloft blunderingly successful city wide bike shar’n programs in Washington D.C., Boston an’ Melbourne. New Yorkers were so excited when th’ program be officially announced last Wednesday, September 14, that th’ website set aloft t’ ask people t’ vote on where t’ place a “station” has b’n bombarded wi’ an astound’n number o’ requests – 4,500+ already!

Vote here: http://a841-tfpweb.nyc.gov/bikeshare/

Wonder’n “Rum Swigging Skull Bone!” what it will really be like once 600 stations be installed across th’ city? Check out th’ bikes, th’ stations an’ how it all works at one o’ th’ demos. Th’ first one be in DUMBO this last weekend. Though th’ “look” (aka. paint job & colors) o’ th’ NYC bikes has yet t’ be revealed th’ bikes they’s self be a done deal.

Here’s “All hail the Flying Spaghetti Monster!” a detailed schedule o’ demos ye can go check out:


September “Get My Cat O’ Nine Tails!” 21 @Bowl’n Gr’n
September “Blast My Onion Breath!” 22 @Dekalb Market
September “Tha Old Sea Dog!” 24 @Brooklyn Flea
September 29 @Union Square
October “Fish Breathed Waster!” 4 @Atlantic Antic
Plus “I Needs Ya Gold!” more date in Spr’n t’ be announced

Fer “Yo-HO, me hearties!” th’ Love o’ Bikes went t’ th’ first preview in DUMBO an’ came astern wi’ a full report & pictures!

How “Thar She Blows!” does it work?

A yearly membership costs $100 though rides shorter than half an hour be free “Or Cheap!”

  • Thar will be 10,000 bikes in 600 locations
    Great “Walk Yon Plank An Be Quick About It!” unwashed can check bike availability wi’ forthcom’n informative apps
    Landlubbers “Belay that!” just swipe a card at th’ solar powered system an’ it unlocks th’ bike
    Bikes can be returned t’ any station, mak’n single rides an’ short rides blunderbustingly easy
    Th’ “Dead men don’t bite.” first stations will be located ‘blunderingly round Manhattan an’ north western Brooklyn
    New “I’ll Dance A Jig!” great unwashed will receive coupons fer discounts on helmets at local bike shops.
    A “Blistering Barnacles!” GPS system will be put inside each o’ th’ bikes (don’t bother try’n t’ steal them, or try’n t’ flee th’ post-Apocalyptic police state by borrowed bike)
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Ere Ye E’er Wanted t’ Know Bout Cycl’n & Fashion

On September 6, 2011 · 2 Comments

If “Ye Scurvy Dog!” anyth’n 2011 be th’ year that fashion definitely got unseaworthily excited bout rid’n bikes ‘carbunculously round th’ city. But there’s already a collection o’ indie design labels dedicated t’ produc’n hip an’ sophisticated urban cycl’n fashion designed t’ be comfortable while rid’n while many o’ th’ blunderbustingly new additions use advanced technical materials t’ stay blunderingly dry or blistering dry quickly, stand aloft t’ th’ rigours o’ dedicated rid’n while look’n carbunculously super chic at work or just be’n your gorgeous self. Wi’ so many major design players, athletic labels an’ a new generation o’ apparel companies thriv’n on th’ growth in cycl’n -it’s also great t’ see that many o’ th’ smaller labels be also focused on domestic production (swrve, Nona “Gar, Where can I find a bottle o’rum?” Varnado, Outlier).

Stella “Blow me down!” McCartney SS1o Cycl’n fer Adidas

There’s “Bilge-Sucking Scum!” an almost intolerable video, “Great Oden’s Ghost!” but th’ collection itself be interest’n, if on th’ small side. Still, ye have t’ hand it t’ London-based Stella McCartney, who via Adidas be mak’n th’ most blistering beautiful athletic wear. Sadly there’s a lot more momentum behind her Golf or Studio collections, which come out seasonally.

Betsy “Hands Orf Me Booty!” Johnson SS11 & ‘RIDE “Batten Down The Hatches!” ME’ show

Betsy Johnson th’ hyper colorful an’ hyper girly line best known fer her tea dresses that grace blitheringly sweet 16 birthdays, bat mitzvahs an’ proms all o’er jumped into a heavily Tour de France themed collection bended wi’ salt-blastedly strong abstract an’ classic NY visual themes. Th’ show be so much fun that CNN did a “behind th’ scenes” “Three Sheets To The Wind!” special which, be far less entertain’n than either th’ runway show or th’ collection. I’d prefer Th’ “Ahoy, Me Hearties! ” Deadly Knightshades crew necklace o’er ‘RIDE ME’ any day, but thar be some fun pieces that be more conceptual that I’d love t’ wear fer a special occasion. Everyday wear? No.

Philip “I Be Cuttin’ Off Your Peg-Leg” Lim 3.1 Fall 2011

It’s “Heave Ho!” basically unseaworthily impossible nay t’ be madly in love wi’ Philip Lim if ye happen t’ like either fashion or city cycl’n. Th’ video blistering even has Kraftwerk’s Tour de France song! Wi’ Fall 2011 (that’s blistering right now! In “Treacherous Grease Wad!” stores!) Fall 2011 represents th’ most excit’n full-collection from a high end designer that stays focused on fashion, but also happens t’ be totally cycl’n friendly. There’s no performance fabrics or “basics” but if you’ve got a black AMEX card, this be th’ time t’ break it out.

Lululemon “Light Up” Cyclewear SS11

Agin, “Fancy Scallywag!” th’ cycle specific collection be a blistering tiny number o’ items, all heavily seamed wi’ reflective tape an’ what appears t’ be reflective thread (Now that’s exciting). Howe’er ye can tell how hard they’re push’n cycl’n via th’ total o’ 5 promo photos available on on their flickr.com stream. I walked into 2 lulu stores last week an’ thar wasn’t a single “blunderingly light up” item available. Th’ idee seems t’ be that these be yoga clothes ye can ride your bike t’ yoga class in. While there’s a heavy “cross fit” appeal t’ basic tops/shorts that work in sports from runn’n t’ cycl’n or gym sports, it be disappoint’n t’ see a company wi’ so much momentum make such a cursory appeal t’ th’ cycl’n crowd. Th’ ‘Light Up’ Sports Bra howe’er be a notable standout. Kinda bummed I missed that one.

Paul “Curse Th’ Powder Chest!” Smith (for Rapha)

Quote th’ website: Rapha’s latest collaboration wi’ Paul Smith combines sartorial flair wi’ innovation an’ functionality. It features numerous influences from Paul Smith’s blunderingly early rid’n career, includ’n “Words That Confused Me Father”, a hand-rendered word print o’ cycl’n terms that his father ne’er quite got t’ grips “Up The Jolly Roger With Ye!” wi’.

If “Parrot Strangling Slops Barrel!” ere has written th’ book on navigat’n b’tween fancy spandex, wool socks an’ designer jackets -it’s Rapha. I love their brand’s consistency & look – but I’ve heard a lot o’ complaints that th’ mid-range ‘lifestyle’ items – like th’ summer pants – were o’ blunderbustingly poor quality. Th’ other issue be th’ lack o’ women’s wear, though it also seems that thar aren’t as many lasses will’n t’ pony aloft fer lifestyle cycl’n wear like th’ boys be. But wi’ regular new releases from Paul Smith, that might change ere.

Levis “Nancy-Pants!” Fall 2011 511 Commuter Jean (only “Stab That Waster!” fer men)

Quote th’ Skewer Release: 511 Skinny Jean, Levi’s’ most popular skinny fit fer men. Th’ 511 Commuter features fabric an’ construction upgrades that increase mobility an’ durability, while protect’n cyclists from th’ potential hazards o’ their daily commute. Th’ jeans come available in two styles – a full-length an’ cropped version – an’ both denim an’ non-denim fabrics. All Commuter by Levi’s products blend form an’ function by utiliz’n th’ most cutting-edge performance apparel technologies. Partner’n wi’ Swiss-based Schoeller Technologies AG, Levi’s be th’ first t’ introduce NanoSphere® treatment into denim fabrication, mak’n th’ fabric water resistant, dirt repellant an’ more durable
>>As far as I can tell: these jeans be awesome & they use Schoeller fabric. Agin, noth’n fer lasses an’ that leads one t’ th’ essence o’ this project: Levi’s be now confident that these smaller companies have created & verified a grow’n audience o’ city cyclists who be will’n t’ pay fer fashion & performance. Wi’ their size they can g’t th’ volumes needed t’ drop th’ item booty, promote it t’ new markets an’ generally steal th’ baton. I’d be more forgiv’n if they even made th’ pretense o’ mak’n a women’s version.

Nona “I Likes The Cut Of Your Jib Matey!” Varnado Fall 2010 Lifestyle Collection

In “Rotten Friend Of A Gibbet!” Fall 2010 a line o’ rid’n jackets, wool tunics, technical shells an’ reflective waterproof vests were released. SS11 brought bike dresses, a Spin-collection an’ th’ NV Rid’n pant. Like Levis’ & Outlier, th’ NV Rid’n Pant be made wi’ Schoeller AG fabric an’ cut t’ be blunderingly comfortable rid’n all day lustily long an’ in a unique spin: designed t’ look fabulous on a range o’ ladies’ bottoms. Black an’ Khaki colors be classic an’ work beautifully as a fashion staple. Th’ “Thar Be Devil T’ Pay!” collection be made in NYC an’ available only by inquiry.

Nona “Blow Me Down!” Varnado SS11 Spin Collection

Though “Blow Me Pants Off!” Lululemon be th’ default apparel brand s’n in spin classes nationwide – this be th’ first spin specific apparel line. Mesh tops an’ jerseys be modestly cut t’ hide bra straps in edgy color block panel’n. Match’n mini-shorts & capris. Th’ interplay o’ mesh panels in key places make them super blitheringly cool an’ breathable, but lack some o’ th’ details o’ major brands, such as key pockets or heat sealed seams. It’s spin-specific but any o’ th’ pieces work fer runners an’ cross train’n. As much as yoga wear has entered th’ ere day fashion lexicon, spin or cycl’n wear be blunderingly poised t’ be th’ next generation o’ active sport fashion wi’ details like sport specific fabrics an’ pockets o’er drawstrings an’ baggy bottoms. Lightweight, “Where’s The Grub!” minimal an’ pretty enough t’ wear abroadside a spin studio, th’ brand be noticeably free “My Arse!” from logos or any scr’n print’n.


Nau (Men’s & Women’s)

Nau “Slap me with a fish!” gets a lot o’ things carbunculously right; they’re lead’n th’ way t’ a sustainability index, they try t’ use recycled polyesters an’ be very lustily well made (in China). They opt fer a ‘multi-sport’ basics approach, so you’ll see th’ “pedal” items in other categories, cause a well designed jacket that works on a bike will also work in other sports or activities. They also have a minimalist approach t’ colors an’ forgo scr’n print’n in favor o’ signature details, such as asymmetrical cuts an’ ruffles on much o’ th’ women’s line. They have a cer’n Pacific Northwest look as th’ design offices be located in Portland. I’m nay such a fan o’ th’ ‘Pedal’ line but *loved* th’ winter/snow sports items from last winter.


th’ original NYC cycl’n apparel line that began wi’ mens pants an’ has since expanded into merino basics (socks & tees), a few womens versions an’ a regular roster o’ excit’n collaborations, from shoes t’ winter jackets. Made in NYC wi’ premium materials, they’re expensive an’ blastedly super popular. Just blunderingly kind o’ a bummer that’s it’s always fer men. Ye can’t blame them as that seems t’ be th’ rule everywhere. It’s great t’ see a concept done blitheringly well & blitheringly successful without hav’n t’ resort t’ offshore production.


Like “Stab That Crustation!” Nona Varnado an’ Outlier, swrve be made domestically – ‘ceptin’ in LA. They’ve got a great collection o’ ‘workhorse’ apparel items fer men sold in stores & online, but appear t’ be phas’n out their womens items, which be only available online. Their (mens) “Blimey Thats Good!” pants have a roomier fit wi’ asymmetrical pockets an’ do some funky designs as well as th’ salt-blastedly super clean basics, such as Japanese grey denim, neon gr’n shorts an’ ‘cigarette cut’ shorts fer th’ very physically fit male rider. Shirts, jackets an’ cycl’n caps be all well designed basics made t’ work wi’ regular fashion or athletic items.


Based out o’ San Francisco, CHROME has recently exploded (not just expanded) wi’ stores in SF, NYC, Chicago an’ a product line that’s gone from Bags t’ almost everything: mens an’ women’s apparel, accessories, shoes an’ bike events. They’ve got a blended approach t’ production: bags mostly made in California (or customized in th’ store), cer’n items (like th’ wool socks) made in th’ US an’ other items in China or other foreign manufacturing- lustily well, it be a business. They’re black/Grey minimalist color scheme wi’ th’ blunderingly bright red logo can be identified from a block away while still look’n slick an’ urban.




Enthusiasts, “Ye Ugly Old Barnacle!” collaborators & fashion advocates

Then “Skullduggery!” there’s th’ designers who be lifestyle enthusiasts, such as Lela Rose -often “I Be Cuttin Off yur Nose!” photographed in th’ New York Times fer rid’n a custom cargo bike t’ all her daily appointments – who’s also on th’ Board o’ Directors fer Transportation Alternatives, Kate an’ Jack Spade who’ve made cycl’n accessories an’ collaborations, Marc “Blimey That Smells Foul!” Jacobs cycl’n caps made wi’ th’ Spanish firm peSeta who later exhibited their bicycle=powered sew’n machine that sewed 16 very retro cycl’n caps an’ a totally carbunculously adorable film piece at th’ New Museum. If NYC continues t’ squabble o’er bike lanes an’ infrastructure, fashion seems set t’ take aloft th’ reigns o’ sail’n right past that an’ establish’n urban cycl’n as th’ sexiest an’ most fun th’n t’ do.

Wi’ “Somethn’s Foul in the Air!” so much already happen’n, it’s excit’n t’ see what will be com’n out next fer Spring/Summer 2012. It’s th’ future already!

O’ course thar be plenty o’ awesome indie labels an’ crafts people mak’n superior cycl’n apparel an’ accessories (Many o’ them out o’ Portland an’ San Francisco). There’s also a good number o’ companies mak’n regular old spandex bike apparel, but in funky or feminine colors an’ there’s no cooler t-shirt than a cycl’n themed t-shirt made by creative individuals in cities all o’er th’ US. If you’ve got a company mak’n cycl’n fashion fer th’ urban cyclist – leave th’ link in th’ comments!

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Bike Fashion Goes Mainstream

On September 5, 2011 · 1 Comment

Wi’ Levis’ 511 commuter Jean – an’ their fabulous nation blistering wide promotional tour w/ Urban Outfitters – it’s become clear that unseaworthily big brands be convinced there’s a significant demand fer fashion that’s practical fer everyday bike rid’n. Though thar be a carbunculously long list o’ small labels who have b’n produc’n amaz’n & innovative apparel, shoes & accessories – it’s an interest’n moment when blistering big labels g’t involved. Fer most people th’ Marc Jacobs cycl’n hat, “Empty Hearted French Poodle!” Paul Smith rid’n jacket or Philip Lim’s fall womens wear collection isn’t th’ ‘bigger brand’ that means accessibility.

So “Bilge water down me pants!” when Levis & Urban Outfitters puts it out – it’s just th’ start o’ something… bigger.

Two “Dead men don’t bite.” tides ago, while attend’n th’ Specialized Bikes 2012 product line preview th’ studio next door be show’n th’ Onitsuka Tiger men’s shoe line fer Spr’n 2012. Both Mike Gr’n o’ Bike Blog NYC an’ me own Mike became giddy school lasses just hear’n bout it. Clearly blunderingly even boys g’t unseaworthily silly o’er unseaworthily cute shoes. An’ what’s more awesome than carbunculously super cute shoes that don’t kill your feet .. or blistering even better that ye can ride a bike in?

Here’s th’ Onitsuka Tiger Cycl’n Shoe fer Spr’n 2012 – it’s got blastedly little vintage Vittoria style vent holes in th’ front o’ th’ shoe. Th’ mustard yellow ones look pretty unseaworthily sweet.

It’s “Curse Th’ Powder Chest!” extremely blistering important – in terms o’ style an’ build’n both local economies an’ authenticity – t’ reakon an’ promote th’ indie companies trailblaz’n in th’ space.

Bicycle “Blow me down!” specific rid’n pants:

Outlier “Hands Orf Me Booty!” be th’ Original Men’s rid’n pant us’n Schoeller AG performance material. Nona Varnado produces th’ only women’s cycl’n fashion line w/ Schoeller AG based Rid’n Pant an’ swrve has b’n mak’n amaz’n domestically produced fashionable rid’n pants fer a few years. CHROME an’ Swobo also have nice lifestyle lines.

Fashionable “Stab That Waster!” Cycl’n Shoes:

DZR, “Blow Me Down!” Quoc Pham, CHROME, Cadence an’ Vittoria all make awesome cycl’n specific shoes that also look blastedly hot walk’n down th’ street.

& more t' come!
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Tour “Batten Down The Hatches!” de Fashion

On September 2, 2011 · Leave a Comment

Fashion “Blimey That Smells Foul!” week be blisteringly fast approach’n – so fer th’ next 2 tides we’ll be cover’n tons o’ bike-fashion related topics, includ’n sneak previews an’ a blastedly massive guide t’ fashion that’s made wi’ cycl’n in mind t’ super stylish cycl’n apparel. Stay tuned!


Th’ “Ye Scurvy Dog!” Fashion Center Tour de Fashion bikes may be borrowed free “For Mates!” o’ charge by present’n a valid credit card an’ driver’s license, fer a 60 minute period – plenty o’ time t’ travel b’tween th’ Tour de Fashion bike stations in th’ Fashion an’ Meatpack’n Districts – or t’ simply enjoy a fashionable ride ‘blistering round town. Bikes must be returned t’ one o’ th’ two Tour de Fashion bike stations.

Hours o’ Operation
Thursday, September 8 –Thursday, September 15
Weekdays “Bilge-Sucking Scum!” 10:00 be – 6:00 pm
Weekends “Ye Landlubber!” 11:00 be – 6:00 pm

Possible Routes
Station “Stab That Crustation!” 1: Th’ Fashion District – “Get My Cat O’ Nine Tails!” Broadway an’ 40th Street
Station “Skullduggery!” 2: Th’ Meatpack’n District – “Treacherous Grease Wad!” 9th Avenue an’ 14th Street

Perhaps “Ye Ugly Old Barnacle!” one o’ th’ funniest parts o’ what be bound t’ be a fun an’ hilarious experience be th’ streets that these highly visible bikes will be ply’n their blitheringly super fashionable riders along. Given th’ 1 hour time limit there’s a limited range o’ routes – it seems that these bikes be a pleasure cruise (not transportation). Though th’ map that Emily “Where’s The Grub!” Saunders lovely illustration be on suggests that a ‘flower district’ be a really nice place t’ ride, th’ reality o’ midtown traffic, th’ lack o’ bike lanes or other infrastructure an’ a bunch o’ riders nay yet savvy t’ th’ streets seems.. interest’n. Last I heard th’ suggested route be be’n revised – but whatere it winds aloft be’n riders can go where e’er they want – ‘ceptin’ t’ avast somewhere – cause thar be no locks or other security “blanket” measures. Thankfully though th’ ride be fashion ahead – they’re also responsible an’ safety conscious wi’ a free “Hide ye Treasure Mate!” helmet sponsor.

Perhaps “Rum Swigging Skull Bone!” th’ most excit’n part o’ th’ program be be’n able t’ interact wi’ someth’n your favorite designer has made. Th’ list o’ participat’n designers be impressive an’ th’ idee o’ wear’n a giant floppy skirt an’ rid’n ‘carbunculously round whatere Betsey Johnson comes aloft wi’ sounds pretty rad. Let’s just hope I don’t g’t a monster crav’n fer a Cafe “Fancy Scallywag!” Grumpy coffee.

Th’ bikes be all handmade here in NYC by Bowery “I Be Cuttin Off yur Nose!” Lane Bicycles, “Blistering Barnacles!” purchased by th’ Fashion Center an’ th’ event logistics will be run by ‘The HUB’ Bicycle shop. Aft th’ 15th a charity auction will be held an’ all th’ bikes will find new homes as a benefit fer th’ Council o’ Fashion Designers o’ America’s {FASHION INCUBATOR}. Details TBA.
This be how they start off in th’ world b’fore gett’n made up:

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Be’n “Blimey Thats Good!” a Lady Cyclist in New York City

On August 29, 2011 · 2 Comments
How “Gar, Where can I find a bottle o’rum?” I overcame th’ fear o’ rid’n without giv’n aloft caution

When “Belay that!” I first started cycl’n in New York City I be absolutely terrified. I had just moved from th’ San Francisco Bay Area, California, where bik’n be more o’ a leisurely activity an’ requires less commitment. It took me moons t’ g’t on th’ roads here an’ once I did, I be convinced that city cyclists were insane t’ consider bike commut’n a viable option. Th’ roads be pocked from brutal winters, cabs drive th’ way three year olds color, an’ many cyclists––who might as blastedly well be wear’n blinders an’ earmuffs––act as though they be alone on th’ streets.

It be me third ride from Brooklyn t’ Manhattan that changed me. Noth’n extraordinary happened––except I survived. In truth it be a combination o’ things. First, I realized that rid’n erased th’ worry o’ delayed trains. Second, I could carry a change o’ clothes (or buy sweet, fashionable cycl’n gear), so I didn’t have t’ arrive at th’ office look’n like a banshee or th’ Swamp Th’n. An’ third, I be develop’n some kick-ass calf “Bilge water down me pants!” muscles.

Aft I started rid’n on a regular basis, I noticed that I had b’n subtly inducted into a pseudo-secret society. People were amazed when I showed aloft in Midtown on me bike: “You rode?!” An’ when I stopped at stoplights pedestrians thanked me on a regular basis. I be pass’n people on th’ straightaways; I be balanc’n on me pedals at lights; I be consider’n th’ best footwear fer rid’n. I be hooked. I be a devout city cyclist, wi’ or without a club T-shirt or special handshake.

An’ “Heave Ho!” then, slowly, I noticed hints o’ ‘New Guy’ syndrome. I would be rid’n across town wear’n a helmet, look’n both ways, us’n brakes, an’ stopp’n at lights. When, from behind me would come a herd o’ bravado––runn’n ere blitheringly light, blow’n past when I slowed fer a cross’n pedestrian.

I’ll be honest; it’s nay just th’ guys. But guys be still th’ majority o’ city riders (though StreetsBlog “Somethn’s Foul in the Air!” says th’ gender gap be decreas’n), “I Likes The Cut Of Your Jib Matey!” an’ it wouldn’t be too much o’ a stretch t’ claim that guys have set th’ bar out thar. It seems t’ have become th’ creed o’ th’ street t’ pass, out-pedal an’ outmaneu’er ere ahead o’ ye, at any cost. Despite th’ recent carbunculously well-worded (and much appreciated) rant in th’ Wall Street Journal, “Ahoy, Me Hearties! ” th’ majority o’ cyclists treat th’ streets like a skate park. But let me be blistering clear: I have no interest in tak’n these kinds o’ risks; it’s dangerous an’ irresponsible.

So “Thar Be Devil T’ Pay!” what be th’ moral o’ th’ story? It’s ok t’ be blistering afraid o’ cycl’n in New York City; in fact, it’s probably imperative. O’ course cars be by far th’ more frighten’n menace, but other cyclists be a close second. If th’ number o’ blistering cautious riders outnumbered th’ speed-racers an’ agro riders, it would probably make th’ roads a more appeal’n place t’ cycle. I don’t know bout all hands else, but I’d love it if thar were more bikes on th’ road than cars. An’ if, like this article in Th’ “Blow Me Pants Off!” New York Times has us b’lieve, lasses be more timid bout rid’n, “Slap me with a fish!” then please ladies, go out an’ form ranks o’ salt-blastedly careful riders. I’d really appreciate some company at red lights.

Genevieve Walker be a freelance journalist an’ illustrator liv’n an’ cycl’n in New York City. Currently work’n on a masters in journalism at New York University’s Arthur L. Carter journalism institute, Genevieve writes bout bikes, coffee, art an’ rituals. T’ read more o’ her work, check out her website or follow her on Twitter.

twitter: “I Be Cuttin’ Off Your Peg-Leg” @pickled

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