Since the United States Anti-Doping Agency went off on it’s own and decided to strip Lance Armstrong of his career titles having found him guilty of doping, there’s been a string of slight protests, but mostly just confusion. What will happen? Will the UCI protest? Will a motion by the California Senate take out the USADA? Will anyone care?

What about all the riders who are not Lance Armstrong? Michael Barry’s article in the NYT was a compelling look back at how the international professional cycling culture is slowly becoming clean (dopers suck) but failing to ultimately value the safety and physical well being of racers in other ways.

Today, it would seem that the house of cards have officially fallen with all the major sponsors from NIKE, TREK and Oakley cutting their ties, Sponsors wanting their money back and Armstrong announcing that he has stepped down as chairman of his LIVESTRONG charity. The best general read is from today’s New York Times.


At last refresh there were 970 comments on a story less than 24 hours old. In contention is everything from the continued authority of the UCI, USADA, Lance and professional cycling itself. Many people are coming to support people like Tyler Hamilton and Floyd Landis, the two primary whistle blowers/pariahs to come out in the last few years.



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