It’s no secret that I’m super in love with DZR shoes, but I’ve failed to give them proper solo attention until now. First there’s the concept: SPD compatible urban sneakers that also happen to be really hot. How does it work? They’ve got some clever videos that show you in less than a minute – significantly less time than it took for me to learn how to install cleats on regular road cycling shoes.

Super cool back story: The line is designed and created by an awesome husband-wife team out of San Francisco. Originally they were designed just as a women’s shoe – until the obvious reality of gender kicked in – and since then there have been both a men’s and women’s line. Certain shoes are even carried over, so if you are the world’s most adorable/annoying couple you could even get a matching set… or two.

The newest thing from DZR is what you might expect from a young company: small technical innovations and a refined outer design with sophisticated fashionable colors. It’s called the Task collection, but the shoes are all called “Dice.” The logo is cool but it’s a little confusing as a marketing thing. So let’s get back to the shoes.


Metal reinforced nylon shank for those who like to mash on their pedals and put their cleats to the test.

Featuring a padded upper and robust power strap for a support that cradles the foot and offers a more secure fit.

An engineered tread geometry that allows for traction and durability yet still maintains that casual style.

What that really means is that they’ve gotten to the point where the shoes aren’t an experiment anymore. The performance and comfort of the shoe, along with the aesthetics is at the point where they compete with real cycling shoes and real fashion sneakers, without any delicacy or compromise in performance. And that’s really exciting.


BUT. It’s summer in New York City now and that means it’s really hot, humid and I’m going to be riding everywhere for all the great festivals, shows and parties that start up during the season. And as much as I’ve loved my TOSCA high-tops in winter, I’m stupid excited for these hipster slip-ons:

(that’s reflective inserts in a chainlink shape on the heel, fyi)



Wanna feel awesome about your shoes (not to mention think about how much work and effort goes into them) ? I loved this video:

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