If you have kids and are obsessed with bikes, you already know about kidical mass – because it’s spread from Eugene, Oregon in 2008 to almost every place on the planet that can be described as a “livable community.”  (But is suspiciously absent from anywhere within 500 miles of NYC…) By now, most people are aware of Critical Mass, an anarchist bike movement about cycling awareness, road rights and more recently: angry clashes between riders, police, drivers and all the folks who think streets should be “this way” or “that.”

I support the idea of critical mass, but agree it’s a bit… harsh. And who wants to be in a group ride where cops might crack down, drivers might get angry and the general public dismisses you as a bunch of dirty college kids? Well, if babies are the best way to sell products and get votes, then it’s gonna be really hard to argue with this guy:

Kidical mass is the BEST place to check out cargo bikes and ride really, really slow. So slow it might be maddening – or really pleasant because you get to talk to the kids in the back of that cargo bucket and check out all the scenery you normally whiz past. And if you’re a parent, it’s a fun and rewarding thing to do with the kids, getting together with other families teaching the kids to love biking and your local community to be aware of bicycle commuters. Plus there’s the undeniable “aww” factor as soon as you get a bunch of kids parading slowly down the streets dressed up like tropical fish. Everybody is a lot nicer as soon as kids are involved. Which is to say that the biggest difference between critical & kidical mass is that the kids obey all traffic rules and always stop at red lights. Law-abiding & adorable!

~Plus they have a pretty, well organized website!

Want to see if there’s a kidical mass in your community? Check out the list here.
Want to connect to other parents who blog about or organize bicycle commuting with kids?  They’re a pretty good blogroll to check out on their FAQs page.  Plus there’s the main kidical mass facebook page and a bunch of local chapters as well. Prefer Twitter? No worries, they’re on it.

*Interested in what it would take to start a kidical mass in your community? Just get in contact with the original Eugene organizers who can fill you in on everything you need to know.*

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