Tomorrow is #smallbusinesssaturday the day after “Black Friday” also known as “Buy Nothing Day.” Placed between the big box shopping frenzy and the online “Cyber Monday” the push to shop local is as important as getting more people to ride bikes, walk and take public transport to improve the health of every community and local economy.

From LA’s Golden Saddle Cyclery’s facebook page:

Did you know that for every $100 spent at a small business, $68 is returned to the local community through taxes, payroll, etc. Spend that at a national chain and only $43 is returned. EVEN ONE PURCHASE CAN MAKE A HUGE DIFFERENCE!

Here in Los Angeles, and nearby Long Beach, a revolutionary community of small business owners and advocates are hoping to make big changes through leading by example. Local bike shops held sales and welcomed holiday shoppers who, wanted to avoid the madness of the shopping frenzy. They were part of a larger program happening all over the US to encourage buying at local small businesses. It’s good for the local economy and it’s good for the soul. Who wants to deal with a deadly Walmart crowd or worse? Where’s the fun in that? NYC’s own Reverend Billy continued with his annual ‘Buy Nothing Day’ shopping intervention, an entertaining push against the desperate consumerism.

Another Reverend Billy project is this video that describes people who have decided not to buy anything for the holidays, but instead make things or give gifts without having to buy something. (Craft supplies seem like they might violate the ‘do not spend $’ rule, but local craft stores seem like a great thing to support in my view.) It seems that many advocates of the “Buy Nothing” movement are not trying to get people to buy nothing at all, but to reconsider their spending so that it really means “Shop Local, Support Small Business.” Bonus points for buying environmentally friendly and only if you can afford it. Because credit card debit is never a recipe for happiness, even if it was for a full Dura-Ace groupo.  (True Story)

Coming up:

Because the holidays are a great time to discover things that make you *want* to shop, it’s a good time to check out what local crafts people are coming up with.  We’ll review some of the most wonderful & unique cycling related products that are made by small businesses and individuals. People and companies we believe are worth supporting. Because our readership is international we won’t limit the scope to any particular region. None have advertised with or bribed us in any way. (Damn!)


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