If you don’t follow cycling obsessed types on twitter, you might have missed the shit storm that happened this week when GM released an ad targeted at college students that had all the class of ‘Divine’ in John Water’s Pink Flamingos. Sadly, GM meant it to be taken literally.


If you want to find out about the whole controversy, from expert responses and the eventual back pedaling (har, har) by GM, check out BikePortland’s coverage.

They’ve since replaced the disgusting original ad – with the more ‘ultimate fighting championship-esque’ thing below it showing a college girl getting completely drenched with muddy water by the same giant death-mobile GM is trying to sell to her. The whole thing is pretty perverse from every angle: trying to destroy the progress cycling has made in the united States, perpetuating a polluting and corrupt auto industry, endless debt for young people, and all likely paid with bail-out money.


It’s outrageous, but something pretty awesome has come out of it. Not only has GM been forced to apologize and retract the ad, but responses and fair use commentaries have leveraged the original ad to point out that bicycles are far preferable for a number of reasons.



kym Perfetto had a fun response to the conversation on her blog pointing out the fun, sexy and awesome lifestyle benefits of bicycling over driving.

  1. Yogurt vs Gasoline:  In this 6min vid by Neistat Bro’s– it’s Schwinn Cruiser vs the Ducati in a race from 94th to TRIBECA. guess who wins?
  2. #BikevsFlight : Carmaggedon
    This past summer we saw a team of cyclists (& a guy on the subway) beat a Jet Blue Flight from Burbank to Long Beach during Cali’s much-hyped Carmaggedon!
  3. best way to dry a pedicure!
  4. It will make your bod super HOT.  just ask Eva Longoria…

We ran into each other riding our bikes into work on our local bike lane (more great reasons to ride) and starting brainstorming all of our favorite reasons why we LOVE riding bikes for transportation.

  • Fashion! cute, sporty bike clothes are gorgeous & fun.
  • Get a workout & peace of mind.
  • Run into your friends & chat during your commute! Riding into Manhattan together is a great way of finding time to hang out.
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