by Courtney Mitchell

As a runner, I love running outside and HATE running indoors on the treadmill. While 5 miles flies by in the blink of an eye when running in Central Park, on a treadmill even 1 mile feels like eternity. To be honest, the stationary bike might be even worse. For my final project during my first semester in NYU’s Interactive Telecommunications Program, I decided to come up with a solution to the problem of boring indoor exercise equipment. The idea is simple: a “virtual reality” indoor cycling experience!

Glute-O-Licious is a stationary bike that senses the speed you are pedaling (not unlike any other stationary bike) and adjusts the speed of a realistic, first-person cycling video in order to create a realistic “virtual” outdoor experience. Glute-O-Licious allows you to cycle in beautiful places around the world without leaving your own home (or gym). The realistic video provides the same type of real- life motivation you experience when you ride outdoors: the curiosity to see what’s up ahead, to explore a new place, to get to the end of the road (or video), etc. In addition, Glute-O-Licious displays all the standard exercise information we have come to expect from our exercise equipment: speed, distance, calories, and time, are
all clearly displayed onscreen. Even better, that information is sent directly to the website, where you can view it later and track your progress.

A screen flow demo of an ITP final project –

The video featured in Glute-O-Licious is a cycling video from Italy, generously donated from Cycling Fusion, and edited to give as
realistic an experience as possible. For those curious about the technical side of things, the application is written entirely in Processing. You
can read more about it, and see the full Arduino and Processing code on my blog, and don’t forget to check out

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