For a few people the fact that a bike company was doing a recall (4,100 bikes from 2012-2012) was a big scandal. There were 24 reports of pedals cracking, and it is conceivable that a variety of Pink Panther like circumstances could lead to injury or even death. Awful! (view the official press release with details)

Well, sort of. First from a technical stand point it’s just the pedals, not the frame or fork or stem, things that would be really, really bad. And then there’s a reality check: these are some platform pedals that might not be totally sturdy. However car/truck manufacturers semi regularly accidentally make cars that blow up, suffocate passengers, eviscerate drivers, kill babies and all kinds of truly horrible things. Usually there’s a short lived backlash against a particular manufacturer/brand. So I was pretty happy that the recall met with a national, “meh.”

Second of all look at those numbers: 4,100 bikes in 2 years? That’s not a huge amount. And To Public’s benefit they acted after hearing about 2 dozen problems, none of which involved anyone actually getting hurt.

What is really great about this?

It’s a highly visible hiccup that will hopefully encourage a new generation of bike companies to transparently handle manufacturing issues as the scale of bicycling picks up. It seems like a new generation of corporate responsibility, one that says: “this is a learning process. There is no shame in not being perfect the first time around.”  And even: enjoy your new pedals.

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One Response to Giant Recall of Public Bikes (Pedals)

  1. Celia says:

    Don’t tell ppl to ride bikes wearing flofilpps, they’re gonna scrape their toes into a mush. Especially considering that flipflop-wearers usually aren’t the most experienced riders.

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