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  • Giro ‘New Road’ Women’s Line

    vest-originally published June 27, 2014 in Momentum Magazine

    Before breaking down the pros and cons of Giro’s New Road women’s line, it’s important to ask yourself where along the cycle chic matrix you fall. Many people philosophically don’t want to wear technical or specialized clothing, while others get excited about bike specific features and aesthetics. There’s the economic barrier between high-end or designer labels and the reality that many bicyclists don’t have $200+ for a nice pair of pants to ride to work in. With my brand, I saw that the women’s market needed a label that could hit certain price points, focusing on key pieces and being flexible enough to complement existing wardrobes, fit a range of body types while being pretty enough to inspire. That’s a tall order. And unlike the men’s market, there’s no clear distribution channel or process for women to discover this kind of apparel. And yet, now is an exciting time with more women riding than ever before, the perfect moment for an inspired new line.

    Honestly, my expectations for Giro’s New Road – after seeing dull online product images and one mannequin display at Interbike – were not very high. But right out of the box it was clear that somehow Giro had managed to do something surprisingly beautiful. The key pieces: pants, shorts, jackets, and jersey-style shirts are all there with a few others, a much larger offering than any other women’s line. The colors are lovely and sophisticated. By avoiding prints and super trendy colors, the pieces look like things you can not only wear to work, but feel good about investing in for a few years’ worth of use.

    Perhaps trying to be too flexible, there are certain irregularities: the fit between the pants, capris, and shorts are surprisingly different. The shorts are almost too baggy, the capris are perfect, and the waistband on the pants fit a little too slim. But that’s just my body, and having a range of fit types may make the collection more accessible to different builds, if a little more confusing. Giro has updated their online site, where items can be purchased directly, to show images of everyday ladies with different builds, bikes and styles; giving a better sense of the pieces and how they look in the wild.

    The bottom line is that the pieces are pretty great: the women’s long awaited New Road collection is well-designed, well-made, and well-priced. Giro as a brand has the size and momentum to get things right, even if it isn’t on the first go. Like lots of indie designers in the space, there are a few pieces being made domestically in California, but for the most part the collection is made in China and designed in Santa Cruz, CA. Waiting for a full women’s release after the men’s has yielded several successes: the pieces are an authentic equivalent to the men’s line with enough sensitivity to finally reject the industry pitfall of “shrink it and pink it.” It’s very exciting to see a major bike brand take women seriously enough to go through that legwork.

    front back

  • OMG foxy womens bike shoes

    There’s been a few neat women’s bike shoes, but in general they’ve been men’s shoes in a smaller size/unisex and …very casual. So you can imagine how my little heart skipped a beat when I saw that London shoe designer Tracy Neuls (known for her delightful heels – shoes that are at once whimsical, practical, comfortable and gorgeous) had done a collaboration with TokyoBike.


    1240558_570909972944220_499807769_n dezeen_tracey-neuls_tokyobike_GEEK_black dezeen_tracey-neuls_tokyobike_GEEK_camel dezeen_tracey-neuls_tokyo-bike_ss_1

    And you know what’s real: you’ll need a black pair, a light neutral pair, maybe gray and if you like to stand out, the obvious accent color is red. No stupid patterns, trendy one season colors or cheap materials. Oh, and the reflective aspect is thoughtful. Gush.


    +Spotted at de zeen

  • Sweat, Hair & Fashion on a Bike: overcoming obstacles 101


    Tuesday, May 28, 2013

    R5Y7: A Bicycle Gallery
    4357 Melrose Ave
    Los Angeles, CA 90029

    RSVP: facebook

    Can’t ride a bike somewhere because you need to look professional – or really gorgeous? Nonsense!

    Join us for an evening of talking about pro tips for staying gorgeous while riding a bike everywhere. We’ll have a round table of speakers who all have fancy jobs and wildly awesome social lives in LA.

    Also, drinks & networking. After event drinks continue at The Faculty next door.

    Andrea Denike Martinez
    founded the Bodacious Bike Babes (BBB’s!) in 2010 and is a uniting force for all things bikes + love + awesome in LA. She’s got a real job that involves meetings, travel and looking BODACIOUS!

    Molly Arevalo
    began riding in LA after being inspired by a month-long celebration of bicycles known as Bike Summer 2005. She is an active member of the SoCal bicycling community, doing formal and informal advocacy work. She bike commutes semi-regularly, enjoys road and mountain biking, but her favorite is bike touring domestically and internationally. In July of 2013, she will join thousands of others to ride across the state of Iowa in RAGBRAI.

    Alexis Lantz
    Works as a Policy Analyst (fancy!) for the LA Dept of Public Health and former LACBC staff member famous for starting the LA Bike ‘counts.’ She’s famously fashionable and an advocate of getting around by bike slowly, safely and while having fun.

    Nat Gale
    Almost as beloved for his inimitable fashion style as his professional charm in LA City politics, Nat is originally from the East Coast but has since developed an impressive wardrobe ranging from suits to surfer chic. As always, he’ll be around to talk about any gentlemanly concerns.

    ***Bonus points for whoever hears, “OMG. That’s gorgeous, where did you get it?” the most times***

  • Cole Haan: Reflective Leather Goods!

    I’ve been lusting after the women’s reflective leather loafers for a little while. And now they’re on sale! What could be better? They come in his & hers (you can be eccentric & safe together!) and they also slipped in something kinda brilliant: a slew of other amazing leather goods, from bags to wallets and belts (even a reflective wine cooler… I mean, the essentials) using what must be some proprietary pleather treatment technology. I have a little feeling that there’s a brilliant bike loving designer or two at Cole Haan, and all I can say is: keep it up!

    PS: I’m a size 39 (aka. 8) shoe, belt size small…

    urlcolehaanreflective bagreflective belt cole haan reflective penny loafercole haan reflective shoe

  • Urban Legend: Lifestyle Cycling Apparel from Budapest

    Zsófi Geréby is an amazingly talented apparel designer and cyclist based in Budapest, Hungary. If you didn’t already know through things like Hungarian Cycle Chic and various news reports about how awesome the cycling culture is – now you do. I moved to Budapest in 2006, in no small part because the bicycling was killer, Hungarian people are amazing and hardcore and because I met Zsófi. We were both passionate about making a line of functional but beautiful apparel around the idea of the everyday urban cyclist. I moved back to NYC to start my own line and Zsófi started Urban Legend. And holy cow is it amazing!













    Urban cycling is addictive. UrbanLegend products are created for passionate women who are not afraid of pouring rain or snow on the road, who know the labyrinth of their city as the back of their hands. Combining the best quality sportswear fabrics and practical details with feminine cuts and ergonomic design UrbanLegend products are designed and handcrafted without compromise

    UrbanLegend is all about garments that can make everyday cycling more comfortable, more safe, or just simply more fun. Our garments incorporate high quality waterproof, wind stopper, breathable fabrics, reflective surfaces, ventilation panels, thoughtfully placed pockets, and lengthened waists. Every piece is designed with special care and attention to amiable details to meet your cycling needs.
    Our passion for finding better and better solutions drives the on-going development of each and every product. We are inspired by everyday situations and our constantly challenging urban environment as we strive to fuse form and function. UrbanLegend produces durable pieces for you to wear proudly on and off the bicycle.

    Designed and produced exclusively in Budapest, Hungary.

  • Designed & Manufactured in Canada

    : Riyoko Ladies Bike Apparel

    Designer Kristi Woo has been a friend for years, as we both launched similar projects at about the same time, 2008 or 2009. The first Interbike we met at had none of the circus of new apparel or accessories and  it seemed decidedly strange that anything urban lifestyle for women would exist. Thankfully, all that’s changing. But what hasn’t changed is Kristi’s dedication to producing fun & functional pieces for women to feel great about riding around stylishly. As a designer it’s also heartening to see apparel manufactured domestically, well if you’re Canadian 😉


     (from the designer:)

    Think global. Ride local.
    More and more women are riding bikes and it’s easy to understand why. It costs less than other modes of transportation, can cut down on travel time and keeps you active as you move through your day. Biking gives riders of all shapes and sizes a way to interact with their environment and it promotes self-sustainability. “Biking allows you the freedom to get from point A to B on your own energy and focus. It allows you the freedom to take and create your own path and discover new things along the way…”

    Designed by Kristi Woo of Calgary, Canada, Riyoko Urban Bikewear believes that being involved and active is an important part of community building and sustainable city planning. Kristi and her team support the bike community by organizing and participating in local events, donating to local charities and by being an active bikers who loves and believe in the many benefits of urban biking. Through these actions, Riyoko wants to get more people on the streets via their bikes. Thereby, creating a closer community experience, enhancing daily fitness and reducing fossil fuel dependent transportation and emissions.

    Travel + Style = Riyoko
    Riyoko Urban Bikewear is designed to help urban women get from point A to B in style. Whether by bike, by foot, by plane, to work or to coffee, we provide stylish, comfortable and functional attire for women and their traveling environment in mind.

    Each Collection Is:

    • made with environmentally sustainable fabrics and recycled or reclaimed fabric.
    • as locally sourced and manufactured as possible.
    • 100% Canadian made.



  • Bike Valentines & Ladies Bike Fashion Survey


    Happy Valentines!

    Help me make beautiful women’s bike specific fashion by answering 10 questions.

  • H&M Does Bike Fashion – still only for men

    Hat tip to Urban Cyclist Worldwide for this video:

    the UK has a great cycling culture: laws that support cycling, employer benefits that pay for bikes and accessories and some of the first forerunners of urban cycling apparel and goods, like Cyclodelic who had an exciting line with TOPSHOP a few years ago. Cyclodelic is designed by by Amy Fleuriot out of the UK and focused on women’s apparel/accessories.

    In the last few years there’s been a huge rush of indie and major brands doing special cycling lifestyle pieces, but it’s a pretty huge milestone when a massive global fashion retailer decides that bike fashion is a good way to stay hot and relevant. It’s too bad that it’s another menswear only project. The pieces look good – there’s probably a pretty significant quality difference between those items and say.. the Levi’s commuter collection or Outlier – but sometimes high water lifts all boats. No one does the volume or have the market reach that H&M does. Maybe a successful capsule collection will develop a wider global audience of people excited to look at clothes through the lens of daily bicycling.

  • Folding Bike Helmet

    Carrera’s new folding bike helmet is making a big splash on the internet with this cute video and a rather attractive and novel approach to a bike helmet.

    But is it effective/safe? It’s based off the “hairnet” style leather helmets with a futuristic update. We’ll see what the response goes when more of these hit the streets.

    read: history of bicycle helmets


  • Helmet Design Heats Up

    Sigh. Only a year ago the most excitement and design that could be found in bicycle helmets was a Yakkay cover, the odd venting in a Catlike helmet or some crazy graphics on a full coverage mountain bike helmet.

    In 2013 – the number and variety of innovation in cycling is heating up and even the humble bicycle helmet is being reinvented. Tomorrow we’re posting Carrera’s promo video shot in Berlin to promote their beautiful folding helmets (an accordion like design) and no sooner have those hit the internet than a company out of Paris put forth their folding helmet design.




    If you love it, rush over to ulule – a European version of kickstarter. You’ve got 1 day left to pre-order one!


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