I’m in love with all the new cycling innovations (the kind that make living with bikes better – not just all the racing & carbon fiber boosh) showing up as more Americans make bicycling a part of their everyday lives. One of my favorite industrial design memes are the new indoor bike racks that make apartment living less crowded and more fancy. Here’s a run downs of the racks that I’d be thrilled to hang my bikes on.

From Daniel Ballou, an industrial designer from Long Beach California, the Very Nice Bike Rack. There’s wall mounted and floor stand versions. (Thanks to CycleStyle for the inspiration!) Price on request.






















Clankworks also has a very pretty and domestically manufactured floor stand, called the Pinch Stand. $89

However, as much as I like the idea of standing up my lovely bikes as if they were museum pieces, the fact is that living in NYC means that floorspace is not only precious, it’s not even an option. It comes as no surprise that these designers are from cities where people have things like spare bedrooms. Imagine!









Chris Brigham of the design group Knife & Saw has a wall mounted version that’s gone viral for being pretty much the prettiest wall mounted bike rack & bookshelf ever. It’s also $300.





















PUBLIC BIKES, also from San Francisco makes the Michelangelo Anti-Gravity Two Bike Stand. $75























Andrew Lang for Cycloc designed this funky & adorably simple wall rack that sells for $100, comes in 4 colors and is made in Ohio.















Leaving the realm of the small design studio the Delta Cycle corporation makes the Delta Monet one of the most simple and definitely the most affordable indoor bicycle rack. $40

Do you know of a gorgeous indoor bike rack that should have made the list? leave links in the comments below.


(HINT: I’d love to see a NYC designer/build firm put something awesome out!)

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5 Responses to Fancy Indoor Bike Parking

  1. Very appropriate post for the NYC contingency. There’s a fella out of NY on Etsy who does something similar – can’t seem to find him at the moment.

  2. Jonathan says:

    It’s hard to see how those walls would stay so white with the front steering not immobilized. I still prefer the Cycletree, which holds six bikes and has wheels, so I can roll it around and sweep out the dust kitties underneath. It’s also cheaper than any of these fashion-forward ideas.

  3. Joellen says:

    There is another helpful utility that let’s you make your bike skinny and turn your handlebars ninth degrees with the press of a button.. Also makes loading on cars, buses, trains way easier. http://Www.flipphndle.com and launching on kickstarter next week!

  4. Joellen says:

    Sorry, that should be http://www.flipphandle.com or find us on Facebook too!

  5. […] might remember we did a post about a year ago about all the fancy indoor bike racks that the first wave of industrial designers were putting out. And here’s a totally unique one […]

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