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  • Save Wolfpack Hustle’s #marathoncrash
    Wolfpack Hustle's L.A. Marathon Crash Race is a really big deal in its' 5th year.

    Wolfpack Hustle’s L.A. Marathon Crash Race is a really big deal in its’ 5th year.

    Action alert:

    • Call Eric Garcetti/ LA Mayor’s office and let him know that without Wolfpack Hustle thousands will still crash the L.A. Marathon; without control, safety checks or insurance. Save#marathoncrash 213.978.0600

    While at the National Bike Summit in Washington DC, I learned from Don “Roadblock” Ward that the Wolfpack Marathon Crash Race, due to take place in only a few days – had receive a letter from the City of L.A.

    (Wolfpack Marathon Crash Race) “is a misdemeanor punishable by a fine and/or imprisonment in county jail for a period not to exceed one year. You may incur liability for any costs related to City services deployed for an event held in violations of Section 41.20.”

    Standing next to my co-workers from the Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition and other LA bike advocates, we couldn’t help be a little shocked and wonder who was responsible for pulling the plug on an event that had been happening with the support of the LAPD and the wide acknowledgement of the City – while also being a transformative “cicLAvia” like experience awakening people to the wonders of being able to ride 26.2 miles through Los Angeles, car-free. So wonderful is the experience – for first time racers and first time recreational participants – that the event has encouraged a whole new generation of racers and urban bike racing.

    Streetsblog LA (as usual) broke the news with an excellent story,

    Wolfpack Hustled: City Pulls Support for Marathon Crash, Threatens Legal Action

    when the LA Times picked it up with their article, Popular pre-L.A. Marathon bike ride canceled after city permit snag

    StreetsBlogLA then had some salient points on the LA Times article here.

    LA Weekly followed that up with:

    Bicyclists Plan to Crash L.A. Marathon Course — Despite City Shutdown

    Indeed so much hype, lack of clarity and contention between the city’s questionable ‘tactics’ resulted in the LA Times going live with an open discussion on what might actually be happening:

    L.A. Now Live: Discuss fallout of cancelled pre-L.A. Marathon bike race.

    While in DC – advocates from LA and nationally participated in a photo campaign to urge L.A. City to “Save Marathon Crash Race.”

    What You Can Do (NOW!)

    Call Eric Garcetti/ LA Mayor’s office and let him know that without Wolfpack Hustle thousands will still crash the L.A. Marathon; without control, safety checks or insurance. Save#marathoncrash 213.978.0600

  • Bike Party for the Car City.

    LABCFS-facebookBIG News.

    What was only an idea at the L.A. Bike Trains December meeting is now a full blown festival that’s (gulp!) less than a month away. The festival is underwritten and hosted by AIDS/Lifecycle and sponsored by Los Angeles Bicycle Attorney, Josh Cohen. We’ve put together an awesome group of local culture, advocacy groups, bike shops and brands. Healthy snacks provided by Good Eggs LA!
    12:00-12:45 Press Conference – festival areas open
    1:00-1:45 Opening Panel
    2:00-2:45 Workshops round 1
    2:45-3:30 Break – invite to roam, eat “snack time!”
    3:30-4:30 Workshops round 2
    5:00-6:00 Closing Remarks/ Raffle Winner(s) announced
    6:00-7:00 Party & Open festival
    I need you to invite EVERYONE YOU’VE EVER MET. Coworkers, neighbors, friends, family. Anyone who isn’t yet riding (because this is for them) and everyone who is riding (because it’s so awesome!) We want to see this become an annual event and we need to throw a big party to make that happen.
  • SoCal CX: awesome fun
    note to readers: my apologies – I’ve been so busy working this year that I’ve slacked on blogging, but that means there’s an inspiring amount of awesome content coming up!

    One of the amazing things about cycling in Southern California (and perhaps other places) is that the people leading by doing -creating the awesome cycling events and projects you always wanted to see – are almost all women! One of the best race directors I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing (and riding their courses!) is the inexhaustible Dorothy Wong. She’s the engine behind SoCalCX, The Team and is an LCI committed to teaching everyone how to ride even if it’s just along a bike path. Dorothy is a one woman movement, single handedly designing, building, promoting, managing racer development through the most welcoming and all inclusive cx race series in the US. She’s also brilliant, generous and adorable.


    Today is CX LA part of the SoCalCX prestige series for Winter 2013. They’ve already had 1/2 dozen amazing races all over Southern California, but there’s still 6 more weekends to get out there and try a beginner’s workshop, or throw yourself into it! CX in Southern California is obviously different than most other places (what is snow? mud?) instead you’ll get dusty cornfields, the beach and other dry terrain. Today’s race might be a fun exception because it actually rained in LA, so the course just might be… wicked fun. Dot’s races are extremely beginner friendly, even alongside elite racers and have categories that include open bike category (mutant bikes! weirdos! FixieCrossie)


    Even better – this weekend is conveniently in Downtown LA’s state historic park. Easy to get to and they’ve put together the Tour de Taste - a festival of gourmet food trucks, DJ’s and vendor tents to peruse making CX even more fun to experience as a spectator. Proceeds benefit the Los Angeles Bicycle Coalition. It get started today, Saturday at 1pm and again tomorrow. Check out the schedule and description on the facebook event page.


  • Ten Years of Ghost Bikes



    DATE: Friday, October 24, 2013
    TIME: 7 -11pm LOCATION: 4357 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles, California 90029

    LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA – Opening Friday, October 24, 2013 The international art movement begun in 2003 celebrates ten years of art, advocacy and community with the first ever gallery show. Family members, Ghost Bike and transportation advocates, artists and friends will be in attendance. Ghost Bikes are memorials honoring cyclists who are fatally – or sometimes critically – injured due to unnecessary collisions on streets not designed for shared traffic.They are a unique and positive response to a terrible event. By using art communities around the globe have begun making individual memorials a powerful public awareness tool. Ghost Bikes are not put together by family or friends, but by local bike advocates to pay respect while making it publicly known that a death has occurred and making it obvious that a street or intersection is dangerous. Ghost Bikes of LA is an informative and inspiring look at how art and awareness are bringing people closer together and changing our cities for the better.

    Additional Dates:

    • Sunday, Oct. 27: 12 – 4pm family members speak + How to make a Ghost Bike
    • Saturday, Nov. 2: Ride to Hollywood Forever’s Day of the Dead
    • Thursday, Nov. 14: 7pm LA Memorial Ride on Andy’s Candle Light Vigil
    • Saturday, Nov. 16, 2013: 4-8pm Closing Reception

    Red#5 Yellow#7 is a gallery dedicated to advancing the mainstream dialogue on contemporary cycling issues.

    #r5y7 – – @red5yellow7


  • Starts Tonight: 3 Day Track Races in Carson!
    Win free tix (worth $40+ each!) & even a free ride out to the velodrome w/ Orange 20!
    Hit us up on twitter @orange20bikes or facebook to win!
    For the first time in four decades, international professional 6-day cyclists will again thrill American arena crowds when they take to the boards at the inaugural Hollywood Championship Cycling (HCC) event October 11 – 13, 2013 at the AEG Facilities owned and operated Velo Sports Center located at the StubHub Center in Carson, CA. The event marks the US return of one of cycling’s oldest and most exciting styles of racing and features 15 two-man corporate sponsored teams, representing countries and cities, competing in a variety of spectator oriented races over three days. High speeds, thrills, and one hell of party not to be missed.

    Get your camping gear & picnic baskets! Hang out like it’s the 1800′s with speed suits!

    facebook event details

    18400 Avalon Boulevard,
    Carson, California 90746
    tickets here
    & the old school 6 day races. A packed house.












    +originally published at

  • Bikes in the House! Closing party + #BikeLA mixer

    Today: The final day of Bikes in the House! Closing party 6:30-9:30pm
    + #BikeLA ‘Meet the Culture Makers’ mixer

    dimini design

    It’s been a fun show transforming the gallery into a fancy living space, complete with a bike chain chandelier from Carolina Fontoura Alzaga, a functional bike desk you can get work at while spinning from Kickstand Furniture, bike furniture from local LA artists Steve Campos and Bo Mopera.1013108_10151511142251976_1943466942_n

    For the first time on the West Coast (and in some cases America!) we installed unique artist designed indoor bike racks from all over the world; Alexa Lethen’s minimal Bike Hooks, from Germany, the Birdhouse Bike Rack handmade in Canada by Dimini Design, Long Beach’s Daniel Ballou displayed his internet famous, ‘a very nice bike rack,’ local Silver Lake So & So Designs showed two unique double racks welded in a tribal and nautical theme as well as a custom lamp original commissioned for the Levis flagship in SF.


    bike hooksbicycle glasswareRounding out the center displays of home goods and gifts, NYC’s Taliah Lempert send a fantastic collection of her bike print stationary, bike coloring book and recycled bike bracelets. Framed bike prints from ARTCRANK LAX hung on the walls. Bike glassware, linens and environmentally responsible bike themed Lunchskins showed that bikes are, indeed beautiful enough to be brought into any room of your home.

    All bikes & helmets provided by Orange 20 Bikes.

    + All items are for sale. Inquire for details.
    nona @

  • Bike Rights! Legal and practical issues for cyclists

    know your rights

    Tuesday, July 23, 2013
    6:30 – 8pm
    Red#5 Yellow#7
    4357 Melrose Ave
    Los Angeles, CA 90029

    Joshua Cohen, ( will give a bird’s-eye overview of legal and factual issues cyclists need to be familiar with to safely navigate the streets of Los Angeles. This overview includes:

    • What is the structure of the legal system?
    • What laws govern cycling in Los Angeles?
    • How does the legal system protect cyclists?
    • How does the legal system not protect cyclists?
    • Is it enough to know and follow the law?
    • What are the realities confronting cyclists?
    • How can cyclists protect themselves from the inadequacies of the legal system?
    • Practical considerations to protect yourself.

    Followed by Q&A

  • Tonight! Nutrition for Summer Training @r5y7

    summer training nutrition

    Summer Edition.

    Note: While this event is focused on women’s nutrition and training, men are welcome!

    New to riding in the heat or beginning to train more seriously? This is a great opportunity to learn from elite female athletes how to balance nutrition, hydration, optimal weight and other concerns while eating delicious healthy stuff.

    An overall nutrition review with basic concepts of nutrition for endurance (race, touring, longer commutes and recovery) using real food. We’ll have recipes and samplings as well as reference books and perhaps some a presentation covering the basic concepts of cycling nutrition. PLUS fun recipes to go home with!

    Taught by Dorothy Wong w/Kristen Osborn.

    Our certified nutritionist:
    Kristen is thrilled to talk with women cyclists about achieving their best performance through healthful diet and event fueling and recovery strategies. She is an avid mountain biker who races at the sport level.
    Kristen is an employee wellness dietitian at Loma Linda University Health. Kristen earned a Bachelors of Science from Cornell University and a Masters in Nutrition Science from Colorado State University.

    Held next door to Orange 20 Bikes at:

    R5Y7 Gallery

    4357 Melrose Ave
    Los Angeles, Ca 90029

    Thursday, July 18, 2013

  • That was fun…

    Last night ‘Passable Atlas’ had their final open day, closing party and special Passage Ride. Basically it was a killer Saturday night in #BikeLA.

    lastday time beautifulcity video turntables


  • Learn to Bike on LA City Streets!


    Interested in riding bikes, but intimidated by LA streets or just not sure how to ride with the confidence of an experienced urban bike rider? You’re in luck! This class is designed to teach adults how to use a bicycle with confidence and competence for pleasure, utility and sport under various practical conditions.

    [Please RSVP to the facebook events page so we can know how many to anticipate.]

    From 9am – 10am we’ll have classroom based instruction at R5Y7: a bicycle gallery located at 4357 Melrose Ave. Close to the Vermont/Santa Monica Red line and LACC.

    The Basics
    • The Bicycle
    • Maintenance Basics
    • Clothing and Equipment

    Bicycling in Traffic
    • Your Role in Traffic
    • Avoiding Crashes
    • Hazard Avoidance Maneuvers

    From 10am – Noon we’ll finish our classroom (gallery) overviews and do some guided on street riding. Starting with the bike lane on Heliotrope and progressing as people are comfortable.

    Co-Taught between the legendary Dorothy Wong, a UCI certified instructor and director of SoCalCross with Siobhan Dolan, cook at LA’s bicycle kitchen and organizer of the LA Ladies Bicycle Brunch series.

    This workshop is geared towards adults who have little or no experience riding a bike or who need help learning the skills and confidence to begin riding in urban traffic.


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