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Designer Kristi Woo has been a friend for years, as we both launched similar projects at about the same time, 2008 or 2009. The first Interbike we met at had none of the circus of new apparel or accessories and  it seemed decidedly strange that anything urban lifestyle for women would exist. Thankfully, all that’s changing. But what hasn’t changed is Kristi’s dedication to producing fun & functional pieces for women to feel great about riding around stylishly. As a designer it’s also heartening to see apparel manufactured domestically, well if you’re Canadian 😉


 (from the designer:)

Think global. Ride local.
More and more women are riding bikes and it’s easy to understand why. It costs less than other modes of transportation, can cut down on travel time and keeps you active as you move through your day. Biking gives riders of all shapes and sizes a way to interact with their environment and it promotes self-sustainability. “Biking allows you the freedom to get from point A to B on your own energy and focus. It allows you the freedom to take and create your own path and discover new things along the way…”

Designed by Kristi Woo of Calgary, Canada, Riyoko Urban Bikewear believes that being involved and active is an important part of community building and sustainable city planning. Kristi and her team support the bike community by organizing and participating in local events, donating to local charities and by being an active bikers who loves and believe in the many benefits of urban biking. Through these actions, Riyoko wants to get more people on the streets via their bikes. Thereby, creating a closer community experience, enhancing daily fitness and reducing fossil fuel dependent transportation and emissions.

Travel + Style = Riyoko
Riyoko Urban Bikewear is designed to help urban women get from point A to B in style. Whether by bike, by foot, by plane, to work or to coffee, we provide stylish, comfortable and functional attire for women and their traveling environment in mind.

Each Collection Is:

  • made with environmentally sustainable fabrics and recycled or reclaimed fabric.
  • as locally sourced and manufactured as possible.
  • 100% Canadian made.



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