Everyone has experienced it: you’re riding along and there’s a car in your path, perhaps a delivery truck or (if you’re in NYC) a police car. It’s so bad there’s been a hilarious viral video about it:


bike lanes from Casey Neistat on Vimeo.


Back in the early years of the urban cycling revolution, circa 2004-2007, there was an awesome guerilla project called: I Parked In A Bike Lane.org It’s still there, but sadly hasn’t had the funding or inertia needed to really take over the universe. But perhaps that’s because all those awesome tell-tale stickers got expensive to keep printing & giving away for free. And then there’s the argument that just because someone drives like a jerk doesn’t deserve to have their car sticker’d. Bah.


Now that everyone has a smartphone and uses twitter and hashtags, there’s all kinds of new shaming (cough, er. uh.. “accountability”) options. My favorite so far is from an NYU/ITP graduate student called #BKME. It’s short, easy and there’s a clever way of organizing it in different cities while staying local, ie. @bkme_ny or just the handy geo-locating feature of your smartphone.

Who We Are

We are cyclists mftest in NYC.
These bikelanes belong exclusively to us.
We are determined to defend them to stay alive.

This is why we made bkme.org, as a way to authorize urban access for us all.
Think of it as an Open Data platform for collectively recording each violation against our bikelanes, socially in real time.

We are all connected and we must participate in this revolution together.
Starting now we always bike together.
Join us and defend your bikelane.

This is just the beginning.
Viva la Velolución.


Keep in mind we are in super alpha but we are working hard to make BKME even better.

Here is how to join in:

Whether on bike or on foot, Use your mobile device and take a photo of the offending vehicle, take down the license plate and tweet it all to #bkme with your GPS location enabled (here’s how to get a Twitter account and activate geolocation on your device).

We are working on some really cool ideas for the future.
To stay current, follow us at @bkme_ny.

Have a comment or suggestions, want to go for a ride? Awesome!
We would love to hear from you! Send us an email at us@bkme.org

The BKME Community

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7 Responses to Car In the Bike Lane! #BKME

  1. #BKME says:

    hey thanks for the post! for some reason you got the old site. It would be great if you can update it. It changed quite a lot.
    check it out :
    (If you still see the old version try refreshing or clearing the cache in your browser)

  2. […] an it was developed by an NYU/ITP graduate student. I learned about it from Nona’s blog, thebirdwheel.com. Check it out and start #hastagging these annoying […]

  3. […] an it was developed by an NYU/ITP graduate student. I learned about it from Nona’s blog, thebirdwheel.com. Check it out and start #hastagging these annoying […]

  4. Aerospoke says:

    Thank you for sharing the post.

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