Although I currently live in NYC, BikeCrushDC was born in Washington, DC. I moved to DC in 2008 having owned several bikes throughout my life but never considered them anything special. While exploring my new city, I discovered that with a bike, nothing was ever more than 15 minutes away. I realized I never had a reason to take a cab or the subway again. It’s easy to fall in love with a city on a bike – it happened to me in DC and now, it’s happening in NYC.
And while I was riding around DC, I started crushing on other peoples bikes. I realized there are people who deeply love their bikes and treat them as pieces of art  It wouldn’t be the rider that caught my eye – it would be a new bright grip tape, or a unique spray painted bike, or a sweet set of deep V’s, or even something as simple as a sticker.
So, I started photographing them. And because I wanted to people to know that I noticed their bike, I started leaving cards that said “I have a crush on your bike.” I try to do it anonymously – like a bike crush fairy. BikeCrushDC is a wonderful pleasure for me. I’ve photographed bikes all around the world and regularly get submissions from friends near and far.
[Ed. note: Hey! That was Kate!  For years we’ve seen those around town and loved them. Bike Forums has has documented the notes in discussion threads in a kind of love-letter 360′]
As for me, I ride a Cannondale that has a orange custom paint job that I gifted myself last year. The man that built her calls her “Tangerine Dream”. She’s been stolen once, but she came back to me. I’ve had so much fun riding her around New York – she’s helping me fall in love with this incredible city!

Check out more of Kate’s photos of pretty bikes and general bike love at her blog:

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  1. Anthony says:

    Hi, Ian from the Bike Hire at the waterfront here. Thank you very much for the mietnon. At the risk of turning this into an ad, I would just like to mietnon that we are open 7 days a week during summer. We have normal pedal bikes, ebikes and scooters for those with a motorcycle licence, as well we have a range of motorcycles for rent.Thanks again, readers are welcome to drop in to have a look at the ebikes if curious about the dark side’ of low energy bicycling.

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