The problem with bicycling isn’t a lack of infrastructure, kind and responsible drivers and pedestrians… It’s that there’s not enough music cranked to 10 when riding to work or where ever. And sadly you’re probably not serious enough to do it in the traditional style:

If you can’t cruise through Brooklyn blaring “My Way” or “Born to Run” Through NJ, the Beach Boys in California or whatever it is that seems like a good time, you might be in danger of NOT having a good time. Terrifying.

But lucky for you, it turns out there are a lot of ipod based cheap & fast options out there:

CycleTunes $49.99, Horn Bike passive amplification $30, iHome iH85 (it’s a waterbottle that blasts sound at you!), Goal Zero (solar powered $29.95, Cy-Fi ($160 but amazon has it for $35), boom botix ($45 & $65) and a billion other weird options from china or jerry rigged contraptions from various guys on the internet. The biggest bummer in sorting it all out? They all look kinda awful. I mean, most of them are so ugly they make an accidental Phil Collins song seem not so bad.

If you’re not ready to custom paint and install a gorgeous neon pink boom box on the handle bars of your banana seat cruiser like Jacoti Sommes (…and rock a matching arm band? That man is AMAZING!)

Then really there’s only two options for cute, quick, easy, cheap and works with your ipod. The funny horn thing and the boom botix. And the horn bike, besides being kinda awesome in not requiring batteries is also a bummer in that the sound quality and volume isn’t going to work in a loud urban atmosphere. The iHome was kinda cool (like your cool black waterbottle was possessed) but it seems to be no longer for sale. Though if you’d like to find poetry in completing a cycle of style there’s another iHome product that will allow you to have the best of both worlds: an ipod powered bright pink boombox:

I’m not sure how you’re going to mount it to a bicycle or power it, but isn’t that what will impress everyone who witnesses such a triumph? Plus, I’m sure some of those guys on the internet will give you some pointers.

Now, don’t forget to send me pictures when you’re done.


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